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Final Girl Photo Friday – Batman edition!

Posted: July 20, 2012 by StayFrosty in Art, Film

Hey everyone.¬† I know I’ve been sporadic at best when it comes to Photo Friday, but in honor of the release of “The Dark Knight Rises”, I thought I would post some Batman-related photos this week.¬† A while back, JennyD and Crow played Batman and Ivy for me (with costumes by the talented Jared Axelrod), and it was one of my favorite shoots.¬† (Nothing is Photoshopped, just so you know).¬† Anyway, here’s a few for The Dark Knight:

Photo copyright Final Girl Support Group

Photo copyright Final Girl Support Group

Hope your weekend is filled with cinematic goodness, in Bat form or otherwise.  ~SF.

The Mausoleum Art Show of Horrors and Convention

Posted: May 21, 2012 by Jenny Dreadful in About Us, Art, Events, Film

Good morning, readers. The blog has been quiet lately, but I assure you; our crew has been keeping quite busy. A ridiculous amount of horror and fun is on the way. Where to begin? That’s easy.¬†I’m curating an upcoming art show.

In collaboration with Eric Bresler of Cinedelphia and PhilaMOCA, I’ll be showcasing fantastic work from Philly locals in The Mausoleum Art Show of Horrors in June. The official press release is in. All details about the art show and accompanying film program and convention are below.


The Philadelphia Mausoleum of Contemporary Art embarks on its most ambitious project yet:  a two-day celebration of all things horror!

Friday, June 15 : The Mausoleum Art Show of Horrors

Saturday, June 16 : The Mausoleum Horror Convention

On Friday, June 15, PhilaMOCA will host¬†The Mausoleum Art Show of Horrors¬†curated by¬†Jenny Dreadful.¬† But the night isn’t completely dedicated to masterpieces of the macabre as we’ll also be hosting the¬†North American Tour of Terror, a program of current short horror films curated by local filmmaker Matt Garrett (Beating Hearts), followed by local horror maestro Isaac Williams‚Äô feature documentary¬†MAYBE WE CAN GO TO HOLLYWOOD¬†starring the late Philly punk legend Mikey Wild.

Event page:


Refreshments courtesy Narragansett Beer Co. and Red Bull.

Admission: $7; All ages.

Curated by Matt Garrett
1. Martian Precursor, Dir: Brian Lonano, USA, 1 minute
2. Sinkhole, Dir: Greg Hanson, USA, 2 minutes (Director will be in attendance)
3. T is for Toothpick, Dir: Maude Michaud, Canada, 4 minutes
4. Criticized, Dir: Richard Gale, USA, 18 minutes
5. Doll Parts, Dir: Karen Lam, Canada, 9 minutes
6. God’s Little Girl, Dir: Mitch Davis, Canada, 17 minutes
7. Elko, Dir: Alexander Yan, USA, 14 minutes
(Philadelphia Sneak Preview; Director & Co-star will be in attendance)
8. A Safe Distance Away, Dir: Alexander Yan, USA, 3 minutes
(Philadelphia Premiere; Director will be in attendance)
9. Awake, Dir: Francisco Sonic Kim, USA, 9 minutes
(Philadelphia Sneak Preview, Crew in attendance)

Short film synopses:

MAYBE WE CAN GO TO HOLLYWOOD: In the tradition of AMERICAN MOVIE, MAYBE WE CAN GO TO HOLLYWOOD tells the tale of Philly punk legend Mikey Wild & local filmmaker Isaac Williams as they set out to pay cinematic tribute to classic horror films. Fighting illness & armed with a budget of $178, these two mavericks do their damnedest to make it “scary”.


And then on Saturday, June 16, PhilaMOCA will naturally host the Mausoleum Horror Convention, a celebration of the wild and weird presented

Event page:

11 AM – 6 PM : Vendors will be setup throughout the day; daytime entertainment will include short films, a trivia contest, a drawing workshop, and more!
6:30 PM : Funerary violin performance/presentation from Monique Canniere and Mano Divina (of the Divine Hand Ensemble)
8:00 PM : Screw Smart (Philly-based comedic sex education performance group) live performance
8:30 PM : Mr. Deadguy (the un-dead puppeteer/performer) hosts a horror-themed burlesque show produced by Miss Rose featuring Miss Rose, Anja Keister, Iris Explosion, and Dangrrr Doll
10:00 PM : Philadelphia Premiere of a highly-anticipated horror film (TBA)

Refreshments courtesy of Narragansett Beer Co. and Red Bull

General admission: $12; Movie-only admission: $7

Confirmed vendors:

Coroner’s Creations¬†(silkscreens/paintings/illustrations)
Diabolik DVD (domestic/import DVDs and Blu-rays)
House of Mysterious Secrets (horror merchandise of all sorts)
Merchants of Menace (horror keychains/magnets)
RTG Movies and More (posters/shirts/figures)

Satanic Pandemonium (zines)
VHSPS (VHS Preservation Society)


Should be a fun and strange weekend. Will we see you there?

Final Girl Photo Friday – The Ghost House

Posted: March 9, 2012 by StayFrosty in About Us, Art, Film

¬† Okay, I know we had a slasher theme going on here, but for a change of pace , I’m bringing you something a little more ghostly:

Sometimes, the creepiest places are very close by, just out of sight... Photo by Final Girl Support Group 2012

Photo by Final Girl Support Group 2012

Enjoy your weekend everyone.  I know we will.  ~SF

Final Girl Photo Friday – The Slasher

Posted: March 2, 2012 by StayFrosty in About Us, Art

¬† We’ve met our final girl, we’ve seen the battleground, and now it’s time to meet our slasher.¬† Since we are a feminist blog, we decided to have a female slasher/monster.¬† Hey, girls can slash and kill just as good as boys can!¬† As for slashers, sometimes there’s a reason for all the murder – rejection, youthful trauma, revenge of many different types.¬† But sometimes there’s no reason at all – you just end up at the wrong place at the wrong time.

photo © Final Girl Support Group

© Final Girl Support Group

Final Girl Photo Friday

Posted: February 17, 2012 by StayFrosty in About Us, Art

I know it’s been a few weeks, but I’m trying to keep photo Friday going.¬† So, the evolution of a final girl – or at least, the final showdown.¬† Final girls don’t usually want to run in and fight.¬† In fact, they’re often terrified.¬† They’ve lost their family, their friends, their innocence, and sometimes most of their sanity.¬† But they go into the dark house/asylum/factory anyway, because someone has to face the monster.¬† And there’s no one else.

The calm before the storm. © Final Girl Support Group 2012

Final Girl Photo Friday – The Return!

Posted: January 20, 2012 by StayFrosty in About Us, Art, Uncategorized

  Hi everyone.

Yeah, I know it’s been a while, and we’re sorry about that.¬† We swear we’re working on our top movies of the year and all sorts of other cool stuff, including the return of Photo Friday!¬† About a month or so ago, we have a photo shoot out by a creepy abandoned factory.¬† Because it was there.

We wanted to tell the story of the Final Girl’s journey in this shoot, and we did, but before we get into that I thought I’d put up a more ghostly image today.¬† If I already put this up on the blog forgive me, it’s still early and before coffee, when I am only half functional or less.¬† Happy weekend everyone, get out there and see a good movie.¬† ~SF

I'm sure it's perfectly safe... Photo © Final Girl Support Group, 2011

Merry Christmas from the Final Girl Support Group!

Posted: December 25, 2011 by StayFrosty in About Us, Art

This is how you put up Christmas lights, right?

Happy Holidays, everyone.  Hope yours is filled with the best kind of surprises.

With love and carnage – JennyDreadful, StayFrosty and crowbait